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The current firearms regulations in Canada are complex. Penalties for weapons offences may vary depending on the severity of your crime. Some penalties include fines or imprisonment while other serious cases can result in life sentences without parole being handed down by criminal courts across this country.

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Unlike narcotics, whose mere possession is illegal for almost all Canadians, firearms play an important role in both rural and urban Canadian lives. There are approximately 6 million long guns currently held by law-abiding citizens across the country — controlled solely by their owners with strict regulations governing storage conditions to prevent misuse or accidents at any time during usage.

Types of Weapons Offences

What is a Weapons Offence?

Weapons and firearm charges can be a very serious matter. You need to carefully consider your options before you speak with law enforcement, as anything said or written may be used against not only yourself but also anyone else who is involved in this type of situation (including family members). If the charge holds up well during questioning — do NOT give any statements without consulting a lawyer first!

Weapons are anything that can be used to harm another person. A firearm, knife, or even your hands might all qualify as weapons if they’re employed with the intent of causing pain and/or injury. A simple look in any dictionary will show you what a weapon is: something meant for harming others— whether it’s firearms, a club, or rocks!

Even if you have legal ownership of a non-restricted firearm but the weapon itself does not meet regulations of the Firearms Act, like being an unauthorized user or possession of ammunition; you can still be charged for Careless Use & Trafficking Weapons which results in prison time of up to 10 years.

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The Difference Between Weapons and Firearms

The Criminal Code of Canada uses different language when it comes to weapons and firearms. Moreover, there are distinctions between prohibited and restricted weapons and firearms.

Restricted weapons can include any weapon except a firearm that is not prohibited. Prohibited weapons can include knives with blades that open automatically and other weapons specifically categorized as prohibited.

Restricted firearms can include certain rifles and semi-automatics. Owning restricted firearms may be allowed in certain situations, such as for collection or work. However, in these cases, certain requirements have to be met. Prohibited firearms, on the other hand, include, for example, handguns of certain barrel lengths and fully automatic rifles.

Certain items almost always qualify as weapons under the law. But, some items like pocket knives and hunting knives may or may not qualify as a weapon. That can depend on the circumstances of the offence. Also, some common rifles and shotguns don’t fall into the restricted or prohibited classification.

Guns / Firearms Charges

In Canada, possessing a weapon for any purpose considered dangerous to the public’s peace is illegal. Generally, weapons crimes refer to illegal or unlawful possession or use of restricted or prohibited firearms or other weapons. That can also include parts of weapons such as ammunition, magazines, or cartridges.

Carrying a weapon with the purpose of inflicting danger on the public space is illegal. It is a broad term and can include any purpose that disrupts the “normal state of society.”

Some of the most common weapons crimes include:

  • Illegal possession offences
  • Use offences
  • Trafficking offences
  • Assembling offences

In some cases, especially if the crime committed is a first offence, the Crown may decide to try the case as a summary offence. That means there will be no mandatory jail time. Also, sentencing maximums will be lower and include up to 6 months in jail. But, if firearms charges are tried as an indictable offence, crime may carry significant penalties.

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According to Statistics Canada, following a decline in the early 2010s, firearm-related violent crime has generally been increasing. In an attempt to reduce and prevent assaults with a weapon as well as gun crimes, the mandatory minimum sentence for many offences involving firearms and illegal weapons is substantial. That is particularly the case for offenders who already have a criminal record with convictions of similar offences.

If a person commits a weapons crime, hiring an experienced legal counsel is crucial for the protection of their legal rights. Attorneys at Sondhi Defence have an impressive track record in criminal proceedings. We have defended clients facing weapons charges as well as other serious charges such as murder or drug trafficking.

Firearms and weapons charges are serious criminal offences. Moreover, they are aggressively pursued by the prosecutors. If you have been detained or arrested on gun charges, consider contacting Sondhi Defence as soon as possible.

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