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Property crime is a very common offence in most cities. Whether it’s committed as an act of vandalism, or just theft, property crimes can have serious consequences for neighbourhoods and their residents — especially if they’re targeted attacks on homes where people live with loved ones inside!

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If you have been charged with any type of theft-related crime, it is important to know your rights and what will impact them most. Dishonesty can result in anything from fines to imprisonment depending on what charges have been brought against you.

Types of Drugs Offences


Shoplifting is also theft. The Canadian Criminal Code defines shoplifting as taking things that don’t belong to you without permission, even if the person wasn’t caught.

The Crown prosecutor must prove that you intended to steal the item. For example, if they charge a person with shoplifting and they forgot they were carrying an item out of the store without paying for it— the courts should not find them guilty because honest mistakes happen sometimes.

If you’re found charged with the offence it is important to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

Theft Under $5000

Theft under $5,000 can be treated as either a summary conviction or an indictable offence. If it’s your first time being convicted of this crime it will likely result in less severe consequences than if committed again upon guilty pleadings — but there are still possible punishments including fines up to $5000 dollars and even possible jail time.

Theft Over $5000

Theft of $5,000 or more is considered indictable in Canada and can result in serious consequences and can carry the consequence of prison time.

There are many factors that influence sentences including age and history of criminal activity — this means one might get less severe punishment than another depending on their background or reasoning at hand when caught red-handed!

The best way to avoid a jail sentence is by hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer who will work hard on your behalf. Even if you are found guilty, they may be able to reduce or remove some charges so that when it comes time for sentencing only those which count as crimes really matter and could result in less time served behind bars!


The charge of mischief is not as minor or simple to resolve when it comes to a punishment that could include imprisonment. The different types and degrees in which this crime can be committed will determine what kind, if any, prison time might await you — from 10 years for “actual danger” cases all the way up to life imprisonment! There are also mandatory minimum fines depending on where your criminal record takes place (a 1000-dollar fine)

Possession of stolen Property

The crime of theft in Canada is complicated by the fact that it can be difficult to determine how much property was actually taken. As such, charges often depend on factors like value and whether there were other crimes committed at any point during your possession— which means you could face charges for both instances.

If you are charged with possession of stolen property, it is possible that the police will not formally arrest you. Instead, they may issue a Promise to Appear or Appearance Notice and provide some conditions for your release if necessary during this process. You might be released on an undertaking which includes restrictions like staying away from certain places until court proceedings begin, so make sure these terms match what’s desired before signing anything.

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