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Newmarket Real Estate Lawyers

Are you or a loved one thinking about buying a home in Newmarket? A real estate purchase is a significant investment requiring considerations before making an offer. The world of property dealings can be daunting, so, there is a need to work with a reputable real estate lawyer.

Real estate is a form of property attached to a piece of land. An initial owner can sell or transfer ownership to a new buyer. But, navigating the complexities of real estate transactions requires a good lawyer. Real estate lawyers at Sondhi Defence can help safeguard all your property rights in Newmarket. Our Aurora legal team is well-versed in property law surrounding real estate matters to ensure the process goes smoothly.

In this article, we discuss the nuances of real estate transactions and how real estate lawyers can facilitate a smooth, secure, and compliant transaction. Contact us for more information.

Real Estate Transaction Process

Real estate law in Canada requires the purchase and sale of a property to be governed by a written agreement between the buyer and seller. Real estate transactions are intricate, involving numerous legal procedures, documentation requirements, and negotiations.

Overlooking details or missing deadlines during these transactions can be costly. However, you gain valuable assistance from the real estate lawyers at Sondhi Defence.

The real estate transaction process varies by province in Canada. Thus, consulting an estate lawyer is imperative to ensure compliance with regional regulations.

Let’s dive into the standard steps involved in a real estate transaction in Newmarket:

  1. Find your ideal property: Begin by searching for a property that meets your preferences. Search through online listings from real estate agents or by visiting open houses.
  2. Make an offer to the seller: Initiate the buying process after you find a property you’re interested in. Make the offer through a real estate agent to help negotiate the terms of the offer.
  3. Negotiate and accept the offer: The seller can counter your purchase offer or accept it as is. The offer becomes a legally binding contract if both parties agree on the terms.
  4. Home Inspection: The prospective buyer conducts an assessment to identify potential issues with the property. Alternatively, you can hire a professional home inspector.
  5. Financing: Buyers requiring a mortgage to purchase the property can apply for a mortgage loan from a lender. The lender evaluates your financial situation and property value before loan approval.
  6. Legal documentation: Your real estate lawyer handles the legal documents needed for the transaction. They review purchase agreements and conduct a title search for a smooth ownership transfer.
  7. Closing the sale: All parties involved in the transaction meet to finalize the sale. The buyer pays the remaining purchase price balance, and the seller transfers the title to the buyer.
  8. Land transfer tax and registration: The buyer bears the burden of paying the land transfer tax. The lawyer registers the property in the buyer’s name with the relevant land registry office.
  9. Possession and moving in: Upon completion of the sale, the buyer takes possession of the property. The new owner can move into the new home.

Types of Real Estate Transactions

Real estate can take various forms to involve different types of properties and legal arrangements. Common types of real estate transactions in Newmarket, Aurora include:

  1. Residential sales: These are common real estate transactions involving purchasing and selling residential properties. The transaction involves properties like houses, townhouses, and apartments.
  2. Commercial sales: These transactions involve purchasing and selling real estate properties for business purposes. These properties include industrial properties, retail spaces, and warehouses.
  3. New construction: The transaction entails purchasing newly built properties directly from a developer or builder. New construction transfers allow a buyer to customize aspects of a property before it’s completed.
  4. Investment properties: These transactions can be residential or commercial property investments. The investment property transaction aims to generate rental income or gain appreciation.
  5. Land sales: Land transactions entail purchasing and selling land or properties without structures on them. Land sale transactions may involve agricultural land, development land, or recreational properties.
  6. Lease agreements: Real estate property transactions can include lease agreements. It involves renting a property for some time.
  7. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): These investments allow individuals to invest in real estate properties indirectly.

How Our Real Estate Lawyers at Sondhi Defence Can Be of Service

Dealing with a real estate offer alone can be risky. This is because real estate transactions involve many intricacies and policies. However, real estate lawyers offer reliable legal solutions in various transactions. Sondhi Defence integrates qualified lawyers who provide valuable advice and representation as follows:

  • Legal guidance: We will guide you through the entire process. Our services include providing advice on title searches, preparing and filing documents, and negotiating any liens or other encumbrances. We also provide guidance and advice on tax issues that may arise. We strive to provide a comprehensive service to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Reviewing Contracts: Our team will review your purchase and sale agreement to ensure a fair transaction before you make or accept an offer. We will diligently assess the terms and conditions that may disadvantage you, taking the stress out of negotiating for more favourable terms.

  • Title Searches: As your Newmarket real estate lawyers, we will conduct a thorough search to ensure your property title is free from restrictions. This is especially important when there is concern about debt that might raise lenders’ suspicions. Providing you with clarity about the legal status of your property is our goal.

  • Working in your best interest: You can rely on our skilled real estate lawyers to negotiate and draft contracts that are in your favour. We also ensure compliance with local and state laws to prevent potential disputes, providing you with comprehensive legal support. Trust us to safeguard your interests throughout the real estate process.

Seek Assistance From Sondhi Defence

Are you interested in selling or buying a property? Seeking help from experienced Newmarket real estate lawyers is crucial. Real estate lawyers at Sondhi Defence have vast experience providing timely legal advice.

Our lawyers can ensure your residential and corporate real estate transactions close smoothly. Contact our law firm today to book an appointment with our Newmarket real estate lawyers for all your real estate needs.

You can also reach out to us to learn more about our practice areas beyond real estate law, including criminal defense and civil litigation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Real Estate Lawyer and a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate lawyers and real estate agents differ in their roles. Real estate lawyers are legal professionals who have a thorough understanding of real estate law and handle back-end legal aspects and documentation. On the other hand, real estate agents handle the front end of finding or managing property sales.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Purchase a Property in Ontario, Canada?

If you’re purchasing a home, you need a real estate lawyer to register the property transfer with your territory’s land registry office. Real estate lawyers can easily access Provincial Electronic Land Registration Systems.

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Andrew George Cowan
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I'd like to publicly state that I had the best experience with this firm. I have dealt with in excess of two hundred firms over three jurisdictions over several years for other matters but this firm is in a league of it's own. I was given realistic expectations and promised that the greatest attention to drafting and advocacy would be given to my case. Consequently, I got the best possible result and I owe it all to Sondhi Defence. I hold no reservation in recommending this firm be consulted before all other firms in Ontario.
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Nic Dasavage
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My experience with Mr.Sondhi was smooth and informative.
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Justin Yip
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Services provided were unparalleled... the patience, knowledge and overall determination for success to help me with my particular situation was an experience I will be forever grateful for. If there was an option for 5 1/2 stars I would select it... trust me will not be disappointed with the work this gentleman provides.
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Sasha M
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The absolute best top-notch lawyer had a case for two years, 2 1/2 years wasn’t moving anywhere, and the minute he got his hands on the case both of them they were dealt with majestically appreciate all the work that he’s done hours that is put in would recommend him to every and anyone🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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Lisa Williams
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Sondhi Defence was an excellent choice for my real estate needs. Ryan and Ankush were great. Very knowledgeable and I really appreciated the attention to detail. Closing was smooth! I would recommend for anyone with legal needs. Would definitely use again!
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Abdul Malik
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Ankush was awesome as a counsel and supportive throughout the duration of the case like a friend as well. Fee were very reasonable and he is very accommodating with payment plans as well. See him for your case - you won't be disappointed.
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I can't say enough good things about Mr. Sondhi and Larissa, they are absolutely amazing. My son got himself into some legal trouble for the first time and it was extremely stressful but the minute we spoke to Mr. Sondhi we felt a thousand times better. He's calm, professional and reassuring. He got us the best possible outcome beyond our expectations and in the future if I ever needed a lawyer I wouldn't hesitate to call him. Thank you again for everything over the last year!
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Ankush and his team are the G.O.A.T.!! Stephen during my trial was amazing! I was falsely accused and charged with assault that comes with a 2yr jail sentence and these men got me acquitted of all my charges. I can't thank them enough for their hard work removing these charges so I can have a clean record so I can travel and see my daughter abroad. If you are stressed or have anxiety about your own case, give Ankush a call and trust me, he will deal with the business and get the results you desire!! Thank again Ankush and Stephen, I will definitely recommend you guy if I hear anyone in need.