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Defending Theft Charges with Our Newmarket Criminal Defence Lawyer

Facing the justice system for theft charges in Newmarket can be an overwhelming experience. Individuals accused of theft are often clouded with anxiety about their future and the potential consequences they may face. Theft is a criminal offence encompassing white-collar theft, property theft, shoplifting, and other similar acts. A theft conviction can lead to severe penalties far beyond a court sentence. The repercussions can stretch into personal lives, affecting careers and reputations long after legal proceedings have concluded.

Fortunately, the trajectory of your case is not set in stone. The right representation can shift the scales of justice in your favour. In the complex arena of criminal law, having an experienced theft lawyer who is well-versed in the intricacies of the law and committed to upholding your rights is invaluable. At Sondhi Defence, we understand the gravity of theft charges and are intimately aware of their impact on individuals and families. At the heart of each case is a person whose story and rights must be defended comprehensively—this belief underpins our dedication to our role as criminal defence attorneys.

Understanding Theft Laws in Newmarket

In Canada, theft is a legal term encompassing the act of taking someone else’s property without their permission with the intent to permanently deprive them. Theft is defined in the Criminal Code as fraudulently taking or converting the property of another person to one’s personal use with the intent to:

  • Permanently deprive them
  • Pledge the stolen goods as a security.
  • Part with it under certain conditions for its return where the person who parts with it may not be able to fulfil the conditions for its return.
  • Deal with it in a way that prevents it from being restored to the state in which it was when it was taken or converted.

There are various classifications for theft charges based on the value of the property stolen, and differing penalties may apply.

  • Property under $5000: This is often treated as a lesser offence, can be prosecuted summarily, and attracts a penalty of 2 years maximum.
  • Theft over $5000: This is a more serious indictable offence with a maximum penalty of up to 10 years.

At times, individuals may confuse theft with other legal terms, such as fraud, particularly when the value of the property in question is under $5,000. However, the key distinction lies in the intention and method of obtaining the property; fraud generally involves deception or breach of trust.

These laws protect personal and commercial property rights. Each case carries its own unique set of repercussions depending on the facts. This is where an experienced criminal defence lawyer becomes invaluable. An experienced lawyer can navigate the complexities of the law effectively, scrutinize details of the charge, and aid in securing an equitable result.

Legal Consequences of Theft Charges

Apart from imprisonment, there can be several other consequences of a theft conviction. They include:

Criminal Fines: The fines for theft may seem as though they merely skim one’s wallet, but they can steeply climb in alignment with the value of the stolen property.

Probation: A seemingly lenient option, yet tethered with stringent conditions that one must follow meticulously.

Restitution: The court may mandate that whatever item that was stolen be returned to the owner where this is possible.

Effects beyond immediate punishment:

  • Employment Difficulty: A theft conviction can significantly diminish job prospects.
  • Housing Hurdles: Secure housing becomes a towering obstacle with such a blemish on one’s record.
  • Impaired Credit: Financial institutions may see you through a lens of distrust, complicating loans or mortgages.
  • Education Implications: Opportunities for higher education might slip away, as some institutions reserve the right to deny entry to those with a criminal record.

Theft charges hold the power to redraw the boundaries of one’s world. Even minor theft, often termed “petty,” casts a shadow that looms, dramatically altering one’s course. Our team at Sondhi Defence understands the gravity of these implications. Through a steadfast commitment to our clients, we navigate the challenging waters of Newmarket’s legal landscape, safeguarding your rights and working towards a future unshackled by past circumstances.

Sondhi Defence’s Approach to Theft Charges

Have you found yourself entangled in the thorny brambles of theft charges? At Sondhi Defence Law Firm, our team of experienced criminal lawyers stands ready to illuminate the path to justice with a comprehensive defence strategy tailored to your unique situation.

Our Legal Strategy and Defence Services

We firmly believe in a proactive approach. The gravity of a theft charge, whether it involves shoplifting or more weighty theft accusations, calls for a swift and informed response. Our Aurora criminal lawyers delve into the nuances of each case, crafting a defence that aligns with the intricacies of the law and the specifics of the alleged offence.

Importance of Early Legal Intervention

Early legal intervention is central to our ethos. Time is of the essence; earlier involvement often spells the difference between a favourable resolution and a prolonged legal battle. Our criminal defence lawyers engage promptly, ensuring that every client benefits from timely advice and representation.

Responding to Theft Accusations

If you’re accused of theft, the first step is to remain composed; let us shoulder the burden of formulating your defence. We focus on disassembling the allegations, piece by piece, safeguarding your rights and engaging with the pertinent legal mechanisms to defend your stature.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and Proficiency in Criminal Law: We have extensive experience defending clients accused of criminal offences and a thorough understanding of the criminal process and criminal justice system.
  • Personalized Attention: When you work with a Newmarket criminal lawyer from our firm, we tailor defence strategies that align with your unique situation.
  • Open Communication: Our criminal defence lawyers keep you informed at every stage of the legal process.

Remember, the path to justice does not have to be lonely. With an experienced criminal lawyer from Sondhi Defence, you’re not just enlisting a legal defence but gaining unwavering allies dedicated to navigating the complexities of theft charges. Our representation is a pledge to stand beside you with excellent legal acumen and strategic foresight.

Contact Sondhi Defence for Your Newmarket Criminal Defence

Facing criminal charges in Newmarket requires a strategic and robust defence, one that we at Sondhi Defence are prepared to provide. As your legal representatives in theft cases, we stand ready to assess the specifics of your situation and work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

The process begins with a free initial consultation, a critical step where we listen to your story and plan our next moves together. Engage with us swiftly for a proactive defence.

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Andrew George Cowan
Andrew George Cowan
I'd like to publicly state that I had the best experience with this firm. I have dealt with in excess of two hundred firms over three jurisdictions over several years for other matters but this firm is in a league of it's own. I was given realistic expectations and promised that the greatest attention to drafting and advocacy would be given to my case. Consequently, I got the best possible result and I owe it all to Sondhi Defence. I hold no reservation in recommending this firm be consulted before all other firms in Ontario.
Nic Dasavage
Nic Dasavage
My experience with Mr.Sondhi was smooth and informative.
Justin Yip
Justin Yip
Services provided were unparalleled... the patience, knowledge and overall determination for success to help me with my particular situation was an experience I will be forever grateful for. If there was an option for 5 1/2 stars I would select it... trust me ....you will not be disappointed with the work this gentleman provides.
Sasha M
Sasha M
The absolute best top-notch lawyer had a case for two years, 2 1/2 years wasn’t moving anywhere, and the minute he got his hands on the case both of them they were dealt with majestically appreciate all the work that he’s done hours that is put in would recommend him to every and anyone🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams
Sondhi Defence was an excellent choice for my real estate needs. Ryan and Ankush were great. Very knowledgeable and I really appreciated the attention to detail. Closing was smooth! I would recommend for anyone with legal needs. Would definitely use again!
Abdul Malik
Abdul Malik
Ankush was awesome as a counsel and supportive throughout the duration of the case like a friend as well. Fee were very reasonable and he is very accommodating with payment plans as well. See him for your case - you won't be disappointed.
I can't say enough good things about Mr. Sondhi and Larissa, they are absolutely amazing. My son got himself into some legal trouble for the first time and it was extremely stressful but the minute we spoke to Mr. Sondhi we felt a thousand times better. He's calm, professional and reassuring. He got us the best possible outcome beyond our expectations and in the future if I ever needed a lawyer I wouldn't hesitate to call him. Thank you again for everything over the last year!
Ankush and his team are the G.O.A.T.!! Stephen during my trial was amazing! I was falsely accused and charged with assault that comes with a 2yr jail sentence and these men got me acquitted of all my charges. I can't thank them enough for their hard work removing these charges so I can have a clean record so I can travel and see my daughter abroad. If you are stressed or have anxiety about your own case, give Ankush a call and trust me, he will deal with the business and get the results you desire!! Thank again Ankush and Stephen, I will definitely recommend you guy if I hear anyone in need.