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Missed Court Date

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I Missed My Court Date. What Do I Do Now?

It is important to try and make an appearance at any court dates you have. If for some reason you miss a court date and a lawyer does not attend for you, the presiding officer may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

If this happens, you could be arrested and held for a bail hearing, or be required to turn yourself into the police. You might also be charged with the administration of justice charge of “failure to appear” under section 145 (2).

In certain situations, when an accused person misses a court date, the court will issue a bench warrant with discretion. Under these circumstances, the court will adjourn the matter to another remand date without authoring a bench warrant. If you do not attend on that occasion, a bench warrant will be ordered.

Why the Timing of the Bench Warrant is Important

If a brief amount of time has elapsed since the bench warrant was ordered, you can attend the court, prove you have a lawful excuse and ask the court to have the bench warrant cancelled. 

If a bench warrant cannot be revoked, it is advisable to turn yourself into the police as this might help your chances of being released back into the community after your bail hearing.  

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