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License Suspension

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My License was Suspended, what should I do?

In Ontario, when someone is charged with impaired driving, they automatically get a 90-day administrative license suspension. This suspension legally prevents them from driving for 90 days.

If your license has been suspended by operation of section 48.3 of the Highway Traffic Act, please do not drive.  If you have any questions about the situation – contact us immediately to get advice about the next steps you need to take to remedy your situation.

What happens if I get caught driving with a suspended license?

If you are caught driving while suspended under section 48.3 you could be found guilty of driving while suspended, pay a very large fine and even lose your license for a further 6 months consecutive to any suspension for impaired, over 80, or refusal to blow.

There may also be serious insurance implications, and the potential to spend time in custody if charged and found guilty.

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