Guns And Gangs Lawyers in Aurora, Ontario

If you are associated with a gang or other criminal organization, penalties can be severe. Guns and gangs lawyers in Aurora, Ontario, may be able to help.

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Aurora, Ontario Guns and Gangs Attorneys

Criminal charges resulting from guns and gangs criminal cases can include crimes such as conspiracy, trafficking, possession, and other criminal organization offences. The penalties for being convicted of being associated with a gang or other criminal organizations can be severe.

In other words, a conviction for committing a crime in association with a criminal organization or a gang can lead to you facing charges for more than one crime and a lengthy sentence. If the police believe you were part of an organized crime group and are found to be in possession of a gun, then not only would they charge you for one offence but also two others related to weapons — this could add to your sentence significantly!

These sentences must be served consecutively (one after another). This means that if you received 3 years in jail for each offence, your total sentence would be 9 years. However, the Sondhi Defence team is here to help defend you.

Gang activity is on the rise and organized criminals are getting convicted for their crimes more often than ever before. If you find yourself facing charges related to gang-related activities or organized crime, contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer today!

Types of Guns And Gangs Offences

Firearm-related homicides in Canada have reached a total of 277 in 2020, according to data from Public Safety Canada. The same data shows that gang-related homicides involving guns are on the rise, and of the 743 homicides in 2020, 20% were linked to street gangs or organized crime.

Certain gangs often escalate their criminal activity in order to gain respect or attention. Thus, an alleged gang member may face other charges involving a violent crime or illegal drugs. Some gang members continue to engage in criminal activities even while incarcerated.

Gang culture can become a lifestyle for the people involved. As such, they may be forced to commit crimes they don’t want to do. However, every run-in with the law regarding gang-related offences can lead to a criminal record. 

What Is a Conspiracy?

The offence of conspiracy can be very serious, punishable by life imprisonment. Proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is critical when filing an official statement with law enforcement or the court system because it could mean spending decades in prison. However, there are many legal and factual challenges involved that prevent this from happening. For example, how do you define “conspiracy?”

This is something our defence team can help you discern!

It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what separates one person from another during these types of cases due to their intangible nature. A criminal defence lawyer skilled at handling conspiracy charges will have several responses ready and available to defend you against any given accusation, depending on his/her strategy.

Gang Offences

Gang violence is a serious threat to the safety of Canadian communities. This increase in gang activity has been linked with more gun homicides, which points out how dangerous these groups can be even though crime rates have declined overall across this country.

If you find yourself in trouble with a gang, need help knowing what to do, or have information on gang activity — please contact the Sondhi Defence team to help you through this!

What Is Considered a Criminal Organization

Organized crime is a big problem in today’s world. This has been changing as of late with more and more people being convicted for their crimes. You could face multiple years in jail depending on what type of crime you committed — in addition to heavy fines.

Gang membership adherences are continuously changing and secretive. Furthermore, what constitutes a gang or criminal organization can be difficult to define — but when memberships or organizations are proven in courtrooms across Canada then convictions will increase as well!

A group of at least three people whose one of main goals is to commission one or more serious offences for financial gain can be defined as a criminal organization. The definition is broad enough to include different criminal groups, including gangs as well as, for example, networks of people who counterfeit credit cards. 

If you find yourself charged with a gun or gang-related offence, please seek experienced legal assistance from our defence team as soon as possible.

How Can We Help?

Assisting or facilitating gang activities is a serious charge. These cases carry severe penalties and typically take longer than usual to resolve. Individuals detained in relation to these cases may be required to go through a special bond hearing to be released on bail. 

Due to the seriousness of these allegations, hiring an experienced criminal defence attorney can be beneficial to the case. The legal team at the Sondhi Defence may be able to help. 

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