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Criminal Defence Attorneys in Newmarket

If you’re faced with a criminal offence our experienced criminal defence attorneys are available 24/7 to ensure your rights are protected.

We understand how confusing and intimidating the criminal justice system can be to navigate through successfully. Our team of criminal defense lawyers makes sure that you understand your rights, and fights hard for the best possible outcome both in the pre-trial and trial phases.

If you need help with a criminal matter, call Sondhi Defence for legal representation that’s always on your side.

Criminal Defence

Our team has extensive experience representing individuals charged with a wide range of offences under Provincial Legislation and the Criminal Code.

Bail Hearings

Pre-arrest consultation, prepare sureties, negotiate the least restrictive release conditions

Crown Pre-trials

Explore plea options, negotiate reduction or withdrawal of charges, change bail conditions, revisit your disclosure

Judicial Pre-trials

Exercise further strategies and tactics to negotiate favourable plea bargains or to put pressure on the Crown to withdraw your charges

Preliminary Inquiries

Publication bans, public bans, witness exclusions, absence orders, Charter Applications, severance applications


Competency hearings, treatment orders, preparing arguments, interview witness, jury selection, presence at trial, closing summation

Practice Areas

Drugs Offences:  Possession – Possession for the purpose of trafficking – Trafficking – Importation – Production

Guns and Gangs – Major Projects Cases – Conspiracy – Gang Offences – Criminal Organization

Driving under the influence – DUI – Impaired Driving – Over 80 – Drinking and Driving  – Refuse to Blow

Assault Charges – Assault – Sexual Assault – Domestic Assault – Assault with a weapon – Aggravated Assault – Assault causing bodily harm

Violent Offences – Robbery – Kidnapping –  Forcible Confinement – Armed Robbery (with a firearm)

Property Offences –  Shoplifting –  Theft Under $5000,00 – Theft Over $5000,00 –  Mischief – Possession of stolen Property

Fraud Under $5000 – Fraud over $5000 – Forgery – Identity theft – credit card fraud

Youth Crimes –  Young Offender Charges – Youth Offences

Driving Related Offences –  Dangerous Driving – Stunt Driving – Careless Driving – Suspended Drivers License – Drive no insurance – Fail to remain

Weapons Offences – Firearm / Guns Charges.

Criminal Defence Lawyers serving the Greater Toronto Area

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