Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

When you are accused of a crime, the fear can be overwhelming. You might lose everything that matters to your family and livelihood without even understanding what happened or why this is happening in such an inconvenient time period before trial begins – but there’s help!

An experienced Toronto criminal lawyer will help guide YOU through this difficult time so that nothing happens without understanding what rights apply best under Canadian law- our team at Sondhi Defence has skilled experts ready 24/7 who won’t let fear take over!

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Gang Offences- Guns And Gangs​


Trafficking – Drugs Offences


Sexual Assault – Assault Charges​


Kidnapping – Violent Offences​


Possession of Stolen Property – Property Offences


Identity Theft – Fraud Under $5000


Young Offender Charges – Youth Crimes

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Serving Toronto

Hiring an attorney from Sondhi Defence is the best way to ensure you’re being represented by someone who understands what it takes and will work hard for your rights. The name of our firm speaks volumes, as do all that follow- credibility comes standard!

We’re proud to serve clients in Aurora, Barrie, Bradford, Bracebridge, Lindsay, Minden, Peterborough Courts, Newmarket, Haliburton, Toronto and Gravenhurst. We also provide legal advice for those living outside these areas but want access the same quality service they’ve come accustomed too!

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