Ankush Sondhi

Growing up in York Region, Ankush went on to attend the University of Toronto and received his HBA in Religion. Having always been focused on helping those in need, Ankush accepted articles with Legal Aid Ontario (2013).

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During his time with Legal Aid, he obtained valuable experience working at various courthouses all over the Greater Toronto Area. Ankush developed an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system throughout Ontario.

He attended Law School at the University of Leicester in England, receiving his LLB and called to the bar in Ontario (2014). He continued his dedication in the field by working full-time as a Duty Counsel Lawyer at the Newmarket Courthouse at 50 Eagle St. W, Newmarket ON for several years. 

Ankush’s passion for representing clients is complimented with his tact and diplomacy, leading to the continued success of Sondhi Defence. At Sondhi Defence, the team of lawyers always strives to enhance legal expertise as members of the community for bettering people’s circumstances.

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