Alex Mansour

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, at 22 years old Alex has been admitted into the Dual Juris Doctor program at Detroit Mercy and Windsor Law, where he will learn both American and Canadian law. Alex received his Bachelor’s in socio-legal studies at York University. 

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There, he learned about the complex relationship between law and society from top scholars who studied history, economics, sociology, anthropology, and politics.

An advocate for helping those who have suffered injustice, Alex stands in as a voice for those that cannot navigate the legal realm alone. He appreciates the opportunity to connect with people by learning more about their life experiences, and how they have affected their impressions of the judicial system.  

He has shown a particular interest in practising Criminal and Civil law to protect the rights and freedoms of clients by making the law accessible to those who have neither the time nor money to do so on their own.

For his clients, Alex is determined to maintain the diplomatic, prompt, and willing attitude he has learned throughout his career in the volunteering, banking, and retail sector, to deliver excellent service.

Alex is getting valuable and positive experience at Sondhi Defence doing what he has always wanted to do with his legal career; to help his local communities by using legal expertise and help them better or rectify their situations. 

Some less intense activities Alex loves to partake in include hiking, swimming, reading, and spending time with his loved ones. 

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